“Social Media for Schools” The Book

This Book Provides Proven Storytelling Strategies & Ideas to Celebrate your Students & Staff — While Keeping Your Sanity

Manage social media without it managing you!
As a school communicator, you are one person. Navigating the ever-changing social media platforms is hard enough, but the real struggle is getting a strategy behind what your school is sharing.

And of course, how do you get that content? Social media managers have a tough job without much appreciation, but you are not alone! Andrea Gribble is a natural-born cheerleader who loves to teach.

Andrea has bundled the best tools in this value-packed handbook inspired by years of work in school social media. Inside, you’ll find detailed descriptions of practical tips and real-life examples, all within a proven framework, to help you succeed in celebrating your school on social media.

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Building Your School’s Social Media Presence Has Never Been More Achievable

In this book, you’ll receive a roadmap to establishing a consistent identity for your school. Yes, all while keeping your sanity! Here’s what we’re breaking down!

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Establish your goals and learn how to get everyone on the same page, determine your social media policy, and understand the full scope of implementing best practices in order to reach those goals.

#SocialSchool4EDU Graphic Support


Receive a roadmap to establish a consistent identity for your school, set the tone for your school’s personality, discover your school’s hashtags, and gain tips on using and creating powerful graphics that align with your brand.

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Learn how to organize and create an easy system to gather, create, and batch consistent content. Dive into examples and learn what types of posts will take your social media presence to the next level.

Best Practices

Learn social media best practices. We’ll dive into how to create scroll-stopping captions, how to handle negative comments, the best tips to incorporate video and even how to collect and report metrics in order to track your growth and reach your goals.


Professional Development

Establish boundaries that allow you to avoid burnout while staying in-the-know of the ongoing changes in social media. Determine simple ways to continually learn in your professional environment and gain ongoing support through our network of professionals just like you!

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Are You Wondering if this Book is for You?

If any of these resonate with you, Social Media for Schools is for you!

Social Media for Schools Books CoverDo you work for a school that…

  • Aims to have a strong social media presence?
  • Wants to use social media as a way to share the stories of your school?
  • Needs a system so that they can implement consistent storytelling into their social media?
  • Finds themselves posting everything last-minute or on the spot?
  • Wonders if they are posting the right things?
  • Wants to develop a true brand on their social media that captures their tone and voice?

Whether you’re a secretary, teacher, or volunteer, every school communicator could benefit from reading this book.

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What People Are Saying

John Casper, Communications Coordinator, Winona Area Public Schools, Minnesota“Like everything else that Andrea does, Social Media for Schools is engaging, encouraging, and essential for any school communicator. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the profession or still remember how to work the fax machine, you will find something in this book that will help you celebrate your students and staff, connect with your community, and have a positive impact on school climate.”

John Casper, Communications Coordinator, Winona Area Public Schools, Minnesota

Brendan Schneider, Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy“This book is for any educator or administrator looking to navigate the often-overwhelming world of social media. Andrea’s insights and advice are well-researched and easy to understand, making this book an invaluable resource for anyone looking to effectively use social media to enhance their school’s community and communication. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to effectively leverage social media to support their school’s mission and goals.”

Brendan Schneider, Founder of SchneiderB Media and the MarCom Society

“What a collection of wisdom and practicality! Andrea Gribble taps her extensive network of school leaders and #schoolpr pros to deliver a master class in school communications and inspire systems thinking. From social media to employee recognition, it’s all about relationships. And Andrea walks the talk.”

Janet Swiecichowski, APR, EdD, Fellow PRSA

#SocialSchool4EDU Testimonials“Andrea has accumulated nearly ten years of experience with social media in schools, and this book is the how-to textbook that every school communicator needs! It’s overflowing with resources and real-life examples. Andrea enables novice and experienced school communicators to navigate the world of social media. Read it once, then keep it on your shelf as the “everything I need to know” reference book.”

Jennifer Bode, Mission Advancement Assistant, Arizona Lutheran Academy

Unlock Social Media Success
While Keeping Your Sanity

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Meet the Author

Andrea Gribble, #SocialSchool4EDU

Andrea Gribble
Social Media Storyteller & Founder

Andrea Gribble, owner of #SocialSchool4EDU and author of Social Media for Schools, is a natural-born cheerleader. She has a love for cheering people on, helping them do their best, and shining a spotlight on their accomplishments.

Since 2014, Andrea has dedicated herself to helping schools use social media to celebrate their students and staff. She is a highly skilled and experienced social media authority, having trained more than 2,000 school communicators through her webinars, workshops, and in-person speaking events. She is a frequent presenter at the annual NSPRA seminar and appears at state chapters and other school marketing associations throughout the year.

Andrea’s company uses its extensive knowledge of social media marketing to serve more than 80 school districts with full social media management and provide an online community that offers ongoing professional development for school social media champions. Andrea also hosts a weekly podcast, “Mastering Social Media for Schools.”

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Social Media for Schools Books Cover

  • Pro secrets and insider info
  • Examples from schools all over the United States
  • Case studies and testimonials of wins—and challenges
  • Incredible lists of content ideas and examples
  • How to write great captions
  • Self-care tips for avoiding burnout
  • Encouragement to inspire you toward success

Plus: Digital Resources referenced throughout that will enhance your learning.

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Explore your purpose and goals. Get a roadmap to establishing a consistent identity for your school. Create content management strategies and learn how to batch-edit fantastic posts. Yes, all while keeping your sanity!

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What People Are Saying

Jerry Alamendarez, Superintendent of Santa Ana Unified School District, California“Social Media for Schools is a thoughtful guide on how schools can effectively and responsibly use social media to tell their story. Andrea Gribble presents a strategic approach to creating a social media plan that is both effective and achievable for schools of any size. Overall, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to integrate social media into their daily practice.”

Jerry Almendarez, Superintendent of Santa Ana Unified School District, California

Cindy Dunigan, Outreach Coordinator, Stafford Technical Center, Vermont“This book is a one-stop shop of her best tips, tricks, and strategies for making social media work for your school. Buy it, read it, dog-ear pages, and breathe a sigh of relief. Help is here!”

Cindy Dunigan, Outreach Coordinator, Stafford Technical Center, Vermont

Julie Thannum, APR, Senior Strategist for CESO Communications“This book is a collection of great resources, proven strategies, and positive ideas supported by dozens of social media managers working in public, private, charter, and religious schools. So, grab it! This is a must-read for school communicators trying to improve local engagement while gaining a deeper understanding of today’s changing social media landscape.”

Julie Thannum, APR, Senior Strategist for CESO Communications and a past president of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA)

Christy McGee, APR, Director of Communications, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, Colorado“Andrea’s book is great for #schoolPR pros at all levels! From the professional getting started with social media to the veteran, there are great tips and reminders for everyone. It grounded me in best practice and reminded me about the why behind what I do for my district. I appreciated her advice and also loved seeing her personality shine through the text. This is a must-read for all social media users and managers.”

Christy McGee, APR, Director of Communications, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, Colorado

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