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You know how most schools don’t keep their social media channels updated? At #SocialSchool4EDU, we train your staff to be social media storytellers so you can stand out from other schools, celebrate your students and staff, and reach thousands in your community every day.

You May Be Wondering…

“Why should my school pay for this?” or “Is this even worth it?”

Here are some things to consider…

  • How much is poor use of social media costing you?
  • How many current families have no idea about the success stories happening in your classrooms?
  • How many prospective families aren’t even considering your school because they don’t see how amazing your staff is or how many opportunities you offer?
  • How much time is your staff wasting on social media strategies that don’t work for schools?
  • How many opportunities are you missing to build trust and transparency with your community, so they support you on the next ballot question?

Your Plan for Social Media Success

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Our hearts break when we see schools missing out on the powerful tool of social media. After all, if you’re not telling your story, who is?

That’s why we’ve developed a program that helps school social media managers:

  • Develop a system to save time and headaches
  • Build content that lasts for months
  • Set boundaries to provide balance
  • Feel supported and less alone
  • Get answers to their questions, 365 days a year
  • Access continuous training for the ever-changing social media platforms

With our program, you will never feel alone or lost about what to share on social media or how to do it. You get one year of unlimited, 24/7 access.

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  • #SocialSchool4EDU Testimonials
    Andrea, I just want to say thank you. You are better than therapy. Maybe you are my therapy. I always look forward to your webinars and Live Skills Sessions. Even if I only walk away with one tip, I consider it worthwhile. You provide outstanding ideas, support, and encouragement. ALWAYS.
    Liz Robbins
    School Community Relations Coordinator, Tipp City Schools, Ohio
  • #SocialSchool4EDU Testimonials
    As a one-person social media department with ten years of experience in school social media, #SocialSchool4EDU has enlightened me with best practices and supplied me with new ideas, educated answers, and quality assistance that allow me to post with confidence, engage our school families, and handle any tough issues that arise.
    Jen Bode
    Development Dept. Assistant, Arizona Lutheran Academy, Arizona
  • #SocialSchool4EDU Testimonials
    I'm a one-person department with communications, teaching, and advising duties, which can be overwhelming. Adding one more thing can seem insurmountable, but the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and training allow me to maximize my efficiency and effectiveness on social media. The opportunity and flexibility to be connected to experts, best practices, and learn from their experiences when convenient for me is extremely valuable.
    Jamie Brace
    Communications / Media Relations Director, Claremore Public Schools, Oklahoma
  • #SocialSchool4EDU Testimonials
    I feel like you guys are a secret weapon in my back pocket!
    Kelli Twomey
    Coordinator of District Communications, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, California

Stop Stressing About Social Media

You know how most schools don’t keep their social media channels updated? At #SocialSchool4EDU, we train your staff to be social media storytellers so you can stand out from other schools, celebrate your students and staff, and reach thousands in your community every day.

At #SocialSchool4EDU, we know that you want to be a rockstar social media manager for your school. In order to do that, you need training and support, but time and resources are scarce, which can be incredibly frustrating! We believe that social media should be the last thing that causes you stress. We understand the pressure you feel to run social media effectively, which is why we built a community to support you. With our program, you will never feel alone or lost about what to share on social media or how to do it.

Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Gain access to the Membership Program
  2. Participate and engage in the topics that make the most sense for you
  3. Experience social media success for your school

Are you ready to become a social media rockstar?

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And in the meantime, check out this video walkthrough of the membership program. Stop being overwhelmed and start enjoying your job!

Membership Program FAQs

What if I don’t have the budget for this?

Professional development funding is part of every school’s budget. If better social media leads to more students attending your school, this program pays for itself.

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What if I don’t have enough time?

It takes less than one hour a week to make substantial progress. And the more tips and tricks you implement, the more time you will save in your day.

My school doesn’t think social media is important. What can I tell them?

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you reach thousands of people, every day, with positive stories from your school. This has a direct impact on your school’s enrollment and ability to pass ballot measures. The bottom line: if you aren’t telling your story, who is?

Other training programs haven’t worked for me. How is this any different?

A one-time social media training will not get you very far. You need ongoing support to keep up with all the changes in social media. You also need a safe place to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with your peers. This is all part of our program.

Can’t I find all this information for free?

You can certainly find the answers to your social media questions online. But how long does that take you? And is it customized to social media for schools? We do the legwork, curating the best information, and help you apply ideas that will produce immediate results. Inside the membership program, you will also experience facilitated virtual discussions and live trainings that are targeted to your pain points.

What if I already know what I’m doing with social media?

If you already know it all, this program isn’t for you! But we believe we have something for everyone. We have veteran school communicators with 20+ years of experience learning alongside individuals who are brand-new to their roles. Everyone in our program is open to trying new ideas and learning new strategies.

You give away so much for free. Why would I pay for more?

In the words of one of our members, Jeanne Baudino Berlin, “If all you are seeing is the free stuff… you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Andrea has been blogging since 2014, creating YouTube videos since 2015, and cranking out free downloads, webinars, and Q&As along the way. All of this content is specifically aimed at elevating school social media and making it easy (and fun!) for those running it.

But inside the online membership program, you get even more.

Step-by-step guides to help you learn basic and advanced social media concepts. A private community of support with your peers for ideas, advice, and inspiration. 24/7 access to ask questions and troubleshoot problems. Live, facilitated training sessions and access to ALL recorded resources dating back to 2014.

Member Szilvi Lázár had this to say: “Being a member is like having a 5-star hotel smorgasbord breakfast every morning, all-inclusive!!! You can go back to any resource any number of times, search the file directory or the discussions by keyword and you have access to the recordings of ALL previous webinars, skill trainings, everything. If you become a member today it’d be like you’d been a member from the start!”

Member Lori Marini also summed it up well: “The community is the most valuable resource. The consumable resources are wonderful but the personal connections are what keep me coming back.”

You’ll feel less alone and more supported and empowered than you are, right now. In short, if you’ve loved our free stuff - we’re so glad! If you found value there, imagine how much more you can get with our paid content.

Why would I need to join year after year in this membership program?

Let’s face it, social media always changing. In a perfect would, there would be an effective “one and done” training that would prepare you for managing all the ups and downs - but that’s just not possible! The team at #SocialSchool4EDU has its finger on the pulse of what’s working for schools every day, every month, every quarter, and every year. When you join our membership, you’ll always get the most up-to-date information and the latest training! Plus, the 24/7 support of our private Facebook community is a safe and valuable place to bounce ideas and get your questions answered.

Social Media Training for K12 Schools

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  • Discover the time-saving tricks that will help you manage social media in under one hour each day.

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Training for K12 School Social Media Managers

With #SocialSchool4EDU's Membership Program, we train your staff to be social media storytellers so you can stand out from other schools, celebrate your students and staff, and reach thousands in your community every day.

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