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Amanda Hecker

School Account Manager Bio

“I believe that social media is a powerful, useful, and important tool that can be utilized to show the community all of the awesome things that happen on a daily basis within a school district. It is a great way to communicate and build connections between schools and communities.”

Amanda lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joseph, their son, and their dog. She enjoys baking and doing art or DIY projects. Her family loves to be outdoors, no matter the season. They enjoy family walks, bike rides, and hiking.

“I love working for #SS4EDU because I get to celebrate schools and connect communities, while I get to be with my family and meet our financial goals because of the flexibility of working from home.”

Fun fact about Amanda: She is left-handed, but is right-eye dominant.

Angie Weber

School Account Manager Bio

“In our fast-paced world, a sense of connection gets lost, but with the power of social media, it’s a great (and important) way to keep the community strong and highlight the good things going on in the world!”

Angie lives in Minnesota with her husband, Shawn, and their twins. No matter the season, they love fishing and doing other family activities. Angie says she’s always up for a good house project.

“Coming from a marketing background, I really enjoy doing this type of work to help people connect. But what I have come to love the most is being able to see the strength of communities through the schools I manage.”

Fun fact about Angie: She graduated from the University of Minnesota with two majors, advertising and art!

Ashley Alanis

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media in schools allows a connection between parents, families, and the school community. It’s a way that schools can virtually open their doors to families and give them a chance to see the amazing things that are happening in their child’s school!”

Ashley lives in Illinois with her husband, four children, and dog. As a family, they love to travel, play sports, and be outdoors. Ashley also enjoys watching crime documentaries, cooking, and baking. Her secret talent is party planning and decorating!

“As a former teacher, I love having the opportunity to be connected with schools through a different lens. Being able to celebrate and share the wonderful things that are happening in schools is something I know parents and families love to see.”

Fun fact about Ashley: Her favorite place to travel to is Costa Rica, where she got married.

Ashley Johnson

School Account Manager Bio

“I believe that social media is important to utilize in schools because it is a great way to help the community know what awesome things are happening there and it also helps them stay updated on special events taking place that they can be included in to show their support.”

Ashley lives in Wisconsin. Her family includes her fiance, Kyle, her son, Matthew, and their dachshund, Roscoe. She enjoys doing anything related to art, such as drawing, painting, taking pictures, and DIY projects. She also likes being outdoors, taking walks, and bike riding with her family.

“I am excited to work with #SocialSchool4EDU because I love helping support a mission to celebrate schools.”

Fun fact about Ashley: She was the first person in her family to graduate with a Bachelors Degree!

Bridget Martin

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media for schools is important to be able to showcase all of the hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes by both staff and students.”

Bridget and her husband live in Wisconsin with their two dogs. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and golfing with her husband.

“I love working with #SS4EDU because I get to work with an amazing team of people who are smart, passionate, and are more than willing to share their knowledge and best practices for the betterment of our team so we can better serve our districts.”

Fun fact about Bridget: She and her husband love rollercoasters and have visited Six Flags Great America (many times!), Universal Studios, Disney, Busch Gardens, and The Stratosphere in Las Vegas!

Carrie Bawek

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media allows parents and community members a sneak peek into their local schools, and also uplifts the educators and staff who work tirelessly to support their students. And of course, it shines a spotlight on the amazing learning and growing students are doing in school!” 

Carrie lives in Minnesota with her husband, four children, a beta fish, and a hamster. She keeps busy with school, extracurricular activities, and all the day-to-day tasks to keep a family and home running! In their free time, Carrie and her family like to have family movie nights and game nights, explore and play outside, play video games, cook meals together, go to church, and spend weekends at the family cabin. Carrie also enjoys reading, cooking, baking, and listening to a good podcast while on a walk.

“Working with #SS4EDU, I appreciate the flexibility and balance as a busy mom, and the work is creative, fun, and meaningful to communities.”

Fun Fact about Carrie: She was halfway into her third pregnancy when she learned she was having two babies, not one. Identical twins – it was the surprise of a lifetime!

Danielle Hager

School Account Manager Bio

“Parents expect their schools to be present and active on social media. Schools who embrace social media tools will find success in connecting with families in a way that allows them to strengthen relationships with their communities.”

Danielle lives in Minnesota where she and her husband have four kids and a dog that keep them happy and entertained. They enjoy playing games, being outside, and visiting family and friends! Danielle likes playing beach volleyball, hunting for treasure at thrift stores, and trying new recipes.

“I enjoy helping schools share their stories and connect with their communities.”

Fun Fact about Danielle: Her husband’s name is Dan, so both of their families called them Danny/Dani growing up. It gets a little confusing at their family get togethers!

Jackie Nordman

School Account Manager Bio

“Schools are doing amazing things within those walls each and every day! Social media is a wonderful tool to help promote and foster a strong school-community where everyone feels supported, empowered, and welcomed.”

Jackie lives in Minnesota with her husband, three children, and their dog. She loves to read, design, and bake.

“It is such a wonderful opportunity to help schools promote all of the wonderful things going on, every day, to their communities!”

Fun fact about Jackie: She has coached all of her children’s sports teams, including soccer and softball, earning her the Volunteer of the Year award at her kids’ elementary school!

Jaclyn Fields

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media for schools is all about connection! Kids are at school the majority of their day, so it is so beneficial for families and the community to see glimpses of what students are experiencing and learning during their day.” 

Jaclyn lives in Wisconsin. She likes getting involved in her local church and spending time with her community group of friends. She enjoys camping and photography during her spare time.

“With #SS4EDU, I love getting the opportunity to work with a team of people who care about people. It is great to be part of a support system that encourages and strives to provide the community and schools with so much positivity.”

Fun fact about Jaclyn: When she was a teacher, she bought a van and converted it into a camper to travel in during her summers off. She got the opportunity to travel solo for 5 weeks across the US, stopping through 15 states. It was an amazing experience!

Jessica Harder

School Account Manager Bio

“I believe in the power of sharing students daily achievements and experiences on social media, in order to celebrate!”

Jessica lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Jake, a Resident Podiatrist, and their two goofy puppies. She enjoys traveling to her hometown as often as possible to see her parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nieces. Her hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, anything and everything outdoors, cooking/baking, and yoga/barre.

“I enjoy working for #SocialSchool4EDU and using my school counseling skills in a new and exciting way by celebrating and showcasing students and staff to communities through social media. My goal is to brighten someone’s day with the posts I create.”

Fun fact about Jessica: She is a former school counselor who loves working with students, staff, schools, and the community to lift students up and focus on their strengths!

Jessica Leonard

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media is a huge part of communicating in today’s society. With parents and children being busier than ever, social media is integral in keeping families informed.”

Jessica lives in New York with her husband and two daughters. Her husband is a Physical Education Teacher at their local high school. Her daughters, ages 9 and 11, take after their father, keeping her busy with all of their sports! Jessica loves to paint, craft around the holidays with her daughters, and spend time outdoors.

“I look forward to having a little more on my plate, learning new skills, and making some extra income while still having the time to dedicate to my family and home life.”

Fun fact about Jessica: She is a fanatic for Christmas! She gets excited way too early as she loves the cozy feelings of the holidays. She only wishes they lasted well into January!

Joanna Damas

School Account Manager Bio

“Being able to see what happens at school on a day-to-day basis through social media is super important. It helps parents stay informed – but most of all, helps them stay engaged and have topics of conversations at the dinner table.”

Joanna lives in Illinois where she is the mother of an athletic daughter who keeps Joanna busy with many extracurriculars. She loves spending time with family, hanging out with friends, and decorating/scrapbooking with her Happy Planner.

“I enjoy publishing stories that make each of our districts unique. But most of all, I am proud to help make connections with the districts I serve and becoming part of their communities.”

Fun fact about Joanna: Her primary language is Spanish, even though most people can’t tell when she first speaks to them!

Karla Larkins

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media in schools shines a spotlight on the amazing events and beautiful people in our schools. It creates strong connections between communities and schools, where our future shines bright.”

Karla and her daughter live on five beautiful acres on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. They love exploring zoos, nature centers, and libraries. She enjoys meditation, reading, and being outside.

“I am grateful to be part of the #SocialSchool4EDU family – celebrating children, schools, and staff in the positive manner they so richly deserve. I appreciate working from home and the flexible schedule, which gifts me more time with my daughter.”

Fun fact about Karla: She lived in the Philippines for four years while growing up!

Kathi Gilles

School Account Manager Bio

“School social media provides a connection to the community and is important because of the positivity it can bring to a school district.”

Kathie lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Brian, and their four children. She loves watching movies and going to the local drive-in theater with her family. She also likes to camp and spend time with all her pets.

“I enjoy this job so much because I feel like I’m a part of something really important: Celebrating students and staff and bringing a positive message to social media. The people I work with are so positive, it makes me feel proud of what I do.

Fun fact about Kathi: She has been a Girl Scouts leader for many years!

Katie Barboza

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media can be a powerful tool for schools to reach their community and celebrate the accomplishments of their students. It gives others the chance to be involved and lift up the young people in the community.”

Katie lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joel, and their son, Solomon. He is one year old and their greatest joy. Katie loves to read, travel, and be with her family.

“I am excited to work for #SS4EDU and collaborate with teachers to celebrate their students!”

Fun fact about Katie: Her husband is from Costa Rica, but they met in Nicaragua and now live in the US.

Laura Cronan

School Account Manager Bio

“The importance of social media in schools is to empower and unify the community through a variety of educational experiences led by a top-notch staff.”

The Cronan family lives in Wisconsin and loves outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, boating, and cross-country skiing. Laura’s oldest child will attend UW-LaCrosse in the fall and spends many hours discussing Packer Football history. Her youngest will be a sophomore in high school and loves decorating. Laura enjoys walking, baking, and fishing.

“I enjoy telling the success stories of schools.  I love how the teamwork of staff, students, and community come together!”

Fun Fact about Laura: She has taught Family and Consumer Sciences for 25 years.

Melissa Edwards

School Account Manager Bio

“Parents and community members utilize social media as a way to gather a majority of their information. It is our responsibility to shine a light on all the positive things happening within our districts and keep the community informed.”

Melissa lives in Indiana with her husband, a technology manager, and their two kids. She describes their life as “very full, busy, and blessed!” As a family, they love taking trips together, hiking, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

“As both a parent and a former teacher, I realize how much parents appreciate feeling connected to what is going on with their children and how much students (and staff) should be celebrated every day. I love sharing these amazing moments happening in education each day.”

Fun fact about Melissa: She adores turtles and has a pet turtle who has been with her since she was 15 years old!

Sarah Stroinski

School Account Manager Bio

“Celebrating students, staff, and the learning that is going on in schools is so important as it showcases the importance of education and all the amazing things that happen in local schools every day.”

Sarah lives in West Virginia where she is married to a teacher and has two dearly loved cats. She enjoys traveling, watching football, and spending time with family.

“I love working for a company that values the importance of community building and also truly values each and every team member.”

Fun fact about Sarah: She is currently in her fourth year of medical school and will soon be known as Dr. Sarah Sparks Stroinski, M.D.!

Tori Sand

School Account Manager Bio

“I like working for #SS4EDU because it allows me to be flexible with my crazy schedule and I love helping tell the wonderful stories that schools have to tell.”

Tori lives with her daughter in Wisconsin. Although they love the hustle and bustle of city life, they take every chance possible to visit Tori’s parents at their new country home.

“I truly believe that social media can be such a positive aspect to any district. In today’s world, we now more than ever need to spread those positive vibes.”

Fun Fact about Tori: She loves to waterski!

Tori Skiff

School Account Manager Bio

As a former teacher, I understand the power behind strong communication with students’ families and the outside community. Through social media, schools can reach those who want to be a part of the celebrations, share in the successes, and hear the stories.”

Tori lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their newborn son. Together, they enjoy being outdoors, inviting family and friends to their home for game nights or campfires, and indulging in a Friday night fish fry. You can find Tori gardening, partaking in a craft, or cooking up a new recipe in the kitchen in her free time.

“I am excited to work for #SS4EDU, as it allows me to celebrate schools and their ongoing successes outside of the traditional school setting. I love being a present mom and wife while staying involved in the exciting world of education.”

Fun Fact about Tori: She dated a guy long distance for four years while he served in the Marines; two of those years, they spent oceans apart, as he was stationed in Japan. This guy later became her husband!

Whitney Pitsch

School Account Manager Bio

“Social media helps celebrate all the great things schools are doing that may not otherwise be seen. Thanks to #SocialSchool4EDU and social media, students, staff, and the community are connected and celebrated!”

Whitney lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two kids, and an energetic black Lab. She enjoys reading, having friends over to play board games like Code Names, and spending time at the family cabin.

“I love that I get to celebrate schools and use my writing skills while continuing to be a stay-at-home mom. Despite not actually being on the staff, I feel like I’m a part of the team at each of my schools. I take pride in helping them maintain an awesome social media presence!”

Fun fact about Whitney: She has always wanted to be an author and hopes to write a children’s book in the future!

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